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“Jenny?” Colin asked, sensing something more.

“Jahnavi,” Stark clarified, grinning.

*g* ;)


And Jenn beta checked that part at least twice! =P Thanks!

*grins* No problem. ;)

“It was all over town for days!” Zoë added, aghast. “Do you ever come out of your lab?”

“Apparently not,” Stark murmured

this made me laugh more than it should have...lol Loving this!! *skips joyfully to part two*

LOL, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is me totally sleeping...I swear! lol ;D

Just as funny, cute and just pure love the second time through ;D

That's me, happily turning others into night owls, one fic at a time!

This is wonderful! Off to the second part!

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